All About Me College

I made this college with things that express me. I have two cats, so I put a picture of a cat which is very beautiful. The picture next to the cat is of two actors of my favorite show that I’m currently watching Criminal Minds. The small pictures around them are a butterfly, I love […]

Framing A Subject

1. Do you have strong composition?  Yes, because I made them different angles, less bright. 2. How well did I edit my photographs? In my opinion I liked the way I edited them, I’m not really a colorful person. Bright colors are not my thing. I like them to seem dark and fun.  3. What […]

Digital Camera Modes

Automatic Mode- tells you your camera to use its best judgement to select shutter speed, aperture, Iso. Portrait Mode- Portrait mode works best when you’re photographing a single subject so get in close enough to your subject Marco Mode- Macro mode lets you move your closer into your subject to take a close up picture. […]

Conceptual Self Portrait

When I think of the word conceptual I think about something you like to do to keep your mind going. I think that people take pictures of what they love, what they like to do in life. Conceptual also means to photograph and idea that you have and want to show the word, I think […]

Depth of Field Explained

                    Depth of field is a photo with a background blurry, doesn’t matter how far or close. Depth of field is controlled by the aperture setting on your camera. You can control the size of the hole and the aperture in the settings of your camera. […]

What Every Beginner Needs To Know

1. Setting the exposure using the histogram: camera teaches you what you are doing right, shows you how to use exposure the right way. 2. RAW: Gives access to all things your camera can do. 3. Selecting focusing points manually: Learning this can improve the accuracy of your focus. Camera has the option to set […]